Zimbabwean Pastor’s Wife In Steamy Video With Lover To Fix Cheating

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It is a universal truth that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! This is

almost prophetic for the poor men who’ve found themselves at the receiving

end of a woman’s wrath.

A woman who hails from Chikanga felt that she had enough of her

husband’s philandering ways and decided to revenge him by shooting series

po_rnographic videos with her lover. According to sources close to the family

their marriage is in shambles after, Pastor Mapise (the husband), a cleric

with the Anglican church in Harare, came across two po_rnographic videos

and several nude pictures in his wife’s phone.


In an interview the wife, who only identified herself as Mai Mapise, denied

that it was her in the video since there is not enough visual evidence to

support that it is her in the video.

“I only did this as payback for he has subjected me to a lot of emotional

abuse in the course of the marriage.

The videos and pictures that he found in my phone are not even mine; I just

got them off the internet. It is him who keeps videos and photos of his

lovers in his phone for me to see. I’m done with his disrespect and his

promiscuity” she fumed.

She openly called out her husband for being a fake man of God who sleeps

around a lot. She showed us several chats which she claimed were between

her husband and his lovers.

“I have been waiting for a long time to expose my husband in the public

media. I do not care if you put my name or my pictures in the paper for the

public to see because I have nothing to lose. Rather, he is the one who’s

reputation is at stake as he parades himself as a man of God” she said.

In an off the record interview, the man of cloth, Peter Mapise, said he came

across pornographic videos of his wife being intimate with one of their

flock’s husband when he browsed through her phone. He claims that the

affair was exposed in December last year after his wife gave him her phone

to help her out with a Whatsapp glitch. The pastor received the shock of his

life when he came across the videos.

Mercy Mapise

“Listen, I have the two pornographic videos in my possession which were

shot on different occasions. She openly confessed to me that she had been

in an adulterous affair since October 2015. However, after a fact seeking

mission of my own I can tell you it began much earlier that” he claimed.

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