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There was a video I watched yesterday (I believe it would have gone viral since the person who sent it to me resides outside the country). It was about an expose by one Adedigba Adepegba, a.k.a Talo Skibo, a self-confessed roughneck, on the circumstances that led to the death of one Rasak, a.k.a Hamburger. Rasak was killed late last month during the APC local government primaries in Oshodi. Until his death,  he was a top state official of the NURTW but in charge of tricycle, otherwise known as “Keke Marwa”.

Adedigba gave insight into the circumstances that led to the death of another guy killed in 2015 known as L.C Oluwo. Oluwo  was then working for PDP during the presidential election of that year and Adedigba claimed PDP defeated APC but Oluwo was taken to Bola Tinubu and was persuaded to work for APC/Ambode during the governorship election and he agreed. But M.C Oluomo, the self-acclaimed owner and violence merchant of Oshodi, was not happy with such arrangement. To him, he should be the only one in charge of Oshodi. He must be the reference point whenever there are political dirty jobs to be done. Oluwo never lived to do the job he was persuaded to do. He was killed by roughnecks suspected to be Oluomo boys.

Fast-forward to 2017. Hamburger too was in PDP before he was brought to APC. And because of his own reputation, he had followers and had gained ground in Oshodi. He was a threat to M.C Oluomo and was slain yet again!

In all these, one name keeps recurring: BOLA AHMED TINUBU. He elevated brigandage as a veritable political tool in Lagos State, empowering touts and arming them (yes,  arming them) and the result is what we saw in Oshodi. The Adepegba guy revealed how they met with Tinubu, gave them money and asked them to go and work for APC. M.C Oluomo has become so rich through his activities in Oshodi that he brooks no opposition (a typically expected human behaviour) and he gained that influence because he has been a tool in the hands of Tinubu and his party for long! This guys is reputed to be making millions per day. I repeat: per day. Yet, this is an illiterate who gained such influence because politicians in the ruling party in the state empowered him.

Everyday, you hear Customs announcing the impounding of arms and ammunitions but you never get to know who imported them! Those are the guns that are issued to people like members of Tinubu’s ‘Team Lagos’. These guys are not armed robbery but they have access to arms that even police do not have. These guns don’t fall from heaven.

For Tinubu, his Oshodi monster has grown. Can he tame it? I doubt. Forget the face-saving ban by Ambode, a MAJOR BENEFICIARY OF TINUBU’S POLITICAL BRIGANDAGE THAT LED TO THIS MESS.

On aside, if you saw the house where this Hamburger guy was buried (apparently his private residence), you would have an idea of the kind of money these guys are making from this their road transport union leadership activities. It is a house that can compete with any house in Lekki or VGC! Yet, he was a union leader in charge of tricycle riders. Many top bankers and oil and gas top chiefs will do anything to have such house!

Can you now see why killings and maiming are second names of NURTW in Lagos? And of course, actively assisted by politicians!


Samuel Ajayi

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