PSG devise ruse to avoid financial fair play in Neymar deal


Neymar’s arrival in Paris is imminent as both Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain have concurred that the deal is done. The only thing remaining is to see what path the French side take to pay out £195 million.

PSG have been trying to engineer a way to facilitate Neymar’s transfer in recent weeks, and their hard work seems to have found its reward.

As reported by Spanish outlet ‘Mundo Deportivo’, if the Parisian team fail in negotiations to sell one of their important players to Barcelona, they have come up with a back-up plan.

The other option would be very unconventional, but it would suffice to avoid a ban from UEFA for breaching their dreaded financial fair play rules.

The plan would involve Neymar becoming a Qatar World Cup ambassador, for which the company who controls PSG’s funds would pay the Brazilian 300 million euros.

With that money, Neymar could go to La Liga offices and pay his buy-out clause before joining PSG, who would sign him as a free agent only having to settle his salary.

An alternative solution which PSG are pondering and could see Neymar travel from China to Doha to sign said contract and disassociate himself from Barcelona leaving no friends at the Camp Nou.

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