HAPPENING NOW: Ex-Presidential Hopeful Chief Edet Amana Mobilizes Fake Corpse For Late Brother’s Burial, Goes Against IG of Police’s Directive For Autopsy

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If information reaching H!nteractive from Oron, Akwa Ibom, is worth the attention, then Chief Edet Amana, once a leading industrialist in the nation and presidential candidate in the 90s, is preparing a corpse that does not belong to his late brother for burial tomorrow.


H!nteractive has it on good authority that Edet does not have access to the corpse of his late brother Dr. Mfon Amana, a one time governorship aspirant in Akwa Ibom State, who died about 4 weeks ago.


Mfon, a one-time President General of Oron Union, had been out of limelight since taking ill years ago. It is reported that he had been immobile for long, attracting huge medical bills, placing his immediate family under immense pressure, and leading to the auctioning of almost all his property in Akwa Ibom and elsewhere. He finally gave up the ghost in Enugu, and his corpse deposited in a mortuary by his wife.


The late Dr Okon Mfon Amana

A family source who pleaded anonymity revealed that, due to Edet’s disagreement with the late Mfon, dating back to the early days of Information Management System(IMS), a foremost ICT company in Africa, started by Mfon and opposed by big brother Edet – Chief Edet had refused to see Mfon or even to contribute to his medical expenses.


Some trace the well known anger of Edet against Mfon to the latter’s decision to run for public office at a time when the older Edet was not interested in politics. Mfon had become more popular, and this could have led to the clear hatred Edet harboured against him, many in Oro believe.


“Till date, it is not clear why Chief Edet chose to see Mfon as a political enemy through out the period of their political careers. Mfon used to call him Sir. Every member of that family worship Chief Edet.


The burden of Mfon’s health travails have been shouldered by the wife and few friends.” The source stressed.


Shockingly, the source disclosed, on hearing of Mfon’s demise, Edet got the wife arrested accusing her of complicity in the death of late Mfon.


To resolve the issue, the IGP ordered for an autopsy on late Dr. Amana’s corpse. The autopsy, according to another source close to the family, is slated for next week. But Chief Edet had already prepared to conduct a burial for the late Dr. Mfon, and, as pictures we obtained from our source show, the grave is being prepared already; the funeral holds tomorrow.

Dr Amana’s grave being dug on Thursday

Dr Mfon, until death, was the Okete Okete Oro, a high ranking chief in Oro kingdom, but a leader in the region has confirmed to H!nteractive that the Oron traditional rulers Council are not involved in the funeral. According to the Oro tradition, this is a taboo.


As a former President of Oro Union, the sociocultural group ought to be involved in his funeral programme. But, it appears, according to our source, that Chief Edet has hijacked the funeral and brushed aside all relevant authorities including the revered union.


An advertorial has been circulated to invite people for the funeral ceremony, reportedly on the orders of Chief Edet Amana. It remains to be seen if by tomorrow, he will go ahead with the event in the absence of the corpse family, the traditional council, Oro Union, the bereaved family and the corpse.


Efforts to reach the former Presidential hopeful for comments proved abortive, as at time of writing.


H!nteractive Exclusive Report

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