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    In what came from an exclusive media chat with Hinteractive Nigeria, Barrister Emmanuel Enoidem has revealed how the member representing Abak/Etim Ekpo/Ika at the Federal House of Representatives transferred two million naira to one of his aides, Mfonma Chukwu to hire youths whose assignment was to scuttle the Abak Federal Constituency PDP Stakeholders meeting that held in Abak Local Government Area only weeks back.

    Barrister Emmanuel Enoidem told Hinteractive that the stakeholders meeting, which was his idea, was endorsed by all relevant PDP stakeholders of the three Local Government Areas that make up the federal constituency.

    Against earlier claim in the media by Hon. Ekon that he was not invited to the said Stakeholders meeting, Enoidem dismisses the claim as a lie, insisting that the lawmaker was invited.

    “The invitation to the meeting was jointly signed by the 3 chapter chairmen of PDP from the 3 LGA making up the Constituency.

    Emman Ekon first heard about the meeting when 10 select elders from the Federal Constituency met His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Akpabio, CON, Senate Minority Leader, to intimate him about the meeting on July 11,2017. That’s well over 4 weeks to the meeting.
    When His Excellency, the Deputy​ Governor approved the meeting and the date, he was informed by someone who was present at the meeting with the Deputy Governor.

    He boasted to some of his colleagues from Akwa Ibom State in the Federal House that the meeting can not hold, playing God against the entire leadership of the Federal Constituency that God used to bless him unprecedentedly.

    The chapter chairman of Etim Ekpo sent him text for the meeting and also called him. But instead of him to attend the meeting, he transferred 2 Million naira to his PA, Mfonma Chukwu to hire a handful of ill-informed, ignorant and gullible youths and women to carry placards against the meeting”.

    “Of course they came to the gate of independence Hall in Abak on the date of the meeting and waited at the gate while over 400 Stakeholders very representative of the LGAs met to take very crucial decisions which are of interest to the area including the formal rotation of the Federal Seat to Abak LGA in 2019.

    No sane person who had held the seat for unprecedented 2 terms will argue with this decision to move it to another local Government except a very greedy, selfish, disrespectful, arrogant and haughty person.

    Ask him, if the seat was held in perpetuity by Right Honourable​ Ekperikpe Ekpo from Ika in 2011, would he have had the chance to go to the Federal House? Ekperikpe was asked to do a second term yet he turned it down in the interest of justice, fairness and equity. Yet he, Emman Ekon wants to go and live there not minding the interest of other LGAs.

    What a shameless greed!”,

    Barrister Enoidem said.

    He did not deny claims that the meeting was to pave way for him, Enoidem to become Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State. Rather, the former Commissioner said;

    “This is another blatant display of childishness and crass ignorance about politics of Akwa Ibom State.

    Firstly, the seat of Deputy​ Governorship was zoned to Ikot Ekpene senatorial District and not Abak Federal Constituency. So anyone from the other 3 federal constituencies from the senatorial district are as qualified as Abak Federal Constituency.

    The fact that it’s in our Federal Constituency is the grace of God exercised through His Excellency the Governor whose prerogative it is to appoint his Deputy.

    Secondly, there is nothing in law and fact which precludes the Governor from reappointing His Excellency Mr Moses”.

    “This is the first time the federal Constituency had to sit down to zone the seat because of the confusion that was looming and impending because of one man’s pernicious and avaricious greed and penchant to hang unto the seat not minding the interest of the other component LGAs.

    The decision to zone was independent of the office of the Deputy​ Governor which, as said earlier, is entirely the prerogative of the Governor.”

    Barrister Enoidem emphasized that the meeting became necessary to avoid impending disaster.

    H!nteractive Report

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