Bus Crash Kills 28 In Northern India – police

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At least 28 people were killed Thursday after a bus plunged into a deep

gorge in a Himalayan region of northern India popular with tourists, police


The accident occurred around 100 kilometres (62 miles) from the hill resort

of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh state, said police superintendent Soumiya


“28 people have died and seven are injured. All the bodies have been

identified,” she said.

The bus was taking around 40 people from Kinnaur district towards Solan

when it rolled roughly 200 metres down a gorge to the banks of a river.

Images from the scene showed emergency workers conducting a rescue

operation with the help of local volunteers.

Last week, 16 pilgrims died in a bus crash in neighbouring Jammu and

Kashmir state, while in April 44 people were killed in Himachal Pradesh in a

similar accident.

India has some of the world’s highest traffic fatalities with more than

150,000 deaths annually due to poor roads, badly maintained vehicles and

reckless driving.

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