#AmazingAkwaIbom: The Search for a Suitable Logo

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    #AmazingAkwaIbom: The Search for a Suitable Logo

    Yesterday, the Ministry of Tourism unveiled the winning logo for the Ibom Tourism #LogoContest from all the others sent in as entries for the contest.

    Why some AkwaIbomites are making cases for the opening of the contest for a nationwide participation, I choose to ask a simple question why the winning logo 1 on my picture was considered more better, meaningful, and a better brand than the one in picture 2?

    In as much as I don’t want to go into a thematic analysis and appraisal of this what I can deduce from logo 1, and the rainbow feathers presentations and an imposed mask that seems to be lacking much meaning in the motif, I stand to question why this was believed to be a better representation of us as a people, state and a tourist destination as it ought to be.

    I was told a team of seasoned art and humanists constituted the panel that did the selection and in their judgement and understanding of Akwa Ibom and branding,  this was good enough?

    Well, logo 1 was designed by an IMO State indigence who went home with a cash prize of #250,000, logo 2 I learnt was designed by an Akwa Ibomite but it was not choosen. Looking at the logo, we can see us, a common reality any tourist can identify with as he steps into the State. We didn’t need a crowded and busy logo with a rainbow play with colours and feathers like ours is a home of birds and chickens. What does those feathers really represent, cos me self confuse here o?

    To me, logo two is more professional,  vivid,  simply, relative to us and captures the theme and essence of this new project by the ministry. #IbomConnection alone is a tourist site, nay attraction in the state, it’s beautiful, central and historic, how can you tour through Akwa Ibom as a tourist and never come in contact with this central connection point that links all the Local Government Areas to the State Capital? How?

    I’m not saying this was the best because I am yet to see many others, but my take is this particular one shouldn’t have been ignored for any reason whatsoever. Even if the panel didn’t find some aspects of it suitable, at least they would have made some reworkings to put it in a more desirable shape. Believe me, this was a better logo than the rainbow feather and mask whatsoever! Even the description given didn’t make much sense to me as they didn’t really connect or present a better picture of the graphic imagery as embellished in the logo.

    Well, I don’t know what were the judging criterion for the contest. We the good people of Akwa Ibom with a little knowledge of Arts will be interested in knowing what graded the winning logos higher than others in the contest.

    But to me, the winning logo could be more suitable for  a carnival,  cos carnivals depict the beauty of colours. It would have fitted perfectly into such but not this one.

    No thanks to the panel that made this decision.

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