“You Will Die the Day You Climb Bike” – A’Ibom Lawmaker Otobong Ndem & Sisters Caught on Facebook, Fighting Dirty (Screenshots)

Honourable Otobong Ndem
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Member representing Mkpat Enin state constituency at the Akwa Ibom House of Assembly, Honourable Otobong Ndem and his sisters, last Friday took turns to go diabolical on a member of his electorate who accused the lawmaker of insensitivity on Facebook.

Honourable Otobong Ndem

According to the Facebooker, Aniebiet Raymond, who provided H!nteractive with access to his messenger inbox, he had merely commented on a post by Ifiok Charles criticizing a move by the Akwa Ibom lawmaker to give motorcycles to his constituency members when, according to him [Raymond], 70% of deaths by accident in the region was traceable to Commercial motorcycles.

Rather than explain his reasons to the young man, Honourable Ndem elected to send him private Facebook messages raining vitriol and curses on him:

“…you will die the day you climb a bike”

Akwa Ibom lawmaker Otobong Ndem fires curses

Certain women believed to be his sisters, Hannah and Ndem, quickly scampered on to the scene in support of their fuming brother, breathing curses, spoiling for war.

Hannah fired, with apparently boorish English:

“See ds good for nothing musical…go n first ur life so dah u can b of gud use to ur family…don’t Eva climb bike cos if u do it will crush u”.

According to snapshots of their messages, the young man calmly responded with emojis and appeared to demonstrate more honour than the Honourable lawmaker and his belligerent sister.

Messages sent to the lawmaker to comment on the issue have not yet been responded to.

The honourable is rumoured to be seeking a second term in office

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